Following numerous visits to the wonderful islands of Indonesia, a country of extraordinary colour and vibrancy, reflecting the Indonesian passion for life, London-born Tia and daughter Tiana have re-discovered and embraced their heritage to produce unique collections which combine the essence of western lifestyles and fashion trends with the elegance and variety of Asian styles and traditions.


And thus IMMY London was created in 2014. We are introducing new and exciting ranges of Batik clothing items and home accessories, all designed in London and manufactured with traditional batik patterns sourced ethically from Indonesia.

The batik method of wax printmaking has been perfected across the Indonesian archipelago over many hundreds of years, resulting in fabrics renowned for being rich in colour, exuberant and exotic.


We are proud to use these vibrant batik prints within our collections - an Asian twist that will bring increased life and energy to your wardrobe and into your home.

Our latest arrivals also include a selection of handmade jewellery from Bali and Java.

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