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And the winner is… Local businesses honoured at H&F Brilliant Business AwardsThe best businesses in Hammersmith & Fulham were honoured at the H&F Brilliant Business Awards last night (21 November).


Some were voted for by residents, while others were chosen by judges, in the biggest event of the year for local businesses.

Congratulations to all the local businesses who picked up an award this year and all the businesses which were shortlisted,” said Cllr Andrew Jones, H&F Cabinet Member for the Economy and the Arts.


“We’re committed to bringing real and lasting change to H&F but it’s only possible with the support and hard work of businesses like the ones honoured at this year’s awards.”

“These awards give so much hope and confidence to small independent businesses like mine in H&F,” said IMMY London founder Tia Hannaford. “The council have been so supportive from the start when I began trading at the traffic-free markets and now look here I am picking up a Brilliant Business award. It’s fantastic.”

Following numerous visits to the wonderful islands of Indonesia, a country of extraordinary colour and vibrancy, reflecting the Indonesian passion for life, London-born Tia and daughter Tiana have re-discovered and embraced their heritage to produce unique collections which combine the essence of western lifestyles and fashion trends with the elegance and variety of Asian styles and traditions.


And thus IMMY London was created in 2014. We are introducing new and exciting ranges of Batik clothing items and home accessories, all designed in London and manufactured utilising batik patterns from Indonesia.

The batik method of wax printmaking has been perfected across the Indonesian archipelago over many hundreds of years, resulting in fabrics renowned for being rich in colour, exuberant and exotic.


We are proud to use these vibrant batik prints within our collections - an Asian twist that will bring increased life and energy to your wardrobe and into your home.


Our latest product lines include urbanwearleisurewear, 

homewear items and accessories.

Going forward we are actively sourcing sustainable, environmentally beneficial and ethically produced materials such as bamboo and hemp. This is in line with our commitment to ethical, sustainable trading.



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